Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Yarn Along

Hope you are warm if you live in most of the US. This is one cold winter!!!
Yikes. I'm ready for warm temps and spring breezes.
But enough of that, here's some knitting to keep you warm.
Joining in with the weekly Yarn Along, sharing what I am knitting and reading with other knitting enthusiasts.

Here goes:
I finished up this baby blanket a few weeks ago and just made a nice little 6-12 month baby hat to go along with it. It's knitted in "Lily's" Yarn from the farm. This is going to a family friend that she will be gifting to her nephew and his wife's baby on the way. 
Ravelry Project Link: Alpaca Blanket

I need to do some work on my sheepy sweater. The original buttons started to fall off because I didn't do a very good job putting them on the first time. And they fell off and rolled away and I can't find them all. So I picked up a few new ones. The other thing that I'm going to do is put some grosgrain ribbon in the neck and from shoulder to shoulder. I'm finding that as I wear this sweater it is starting to lose it's structure. I heard the tip about the ribbon on the Knitmore Girls podcast, so hoping that will work. Ravelry Project Link: Sheepy Sweater

I am teaching a fingerless glove class and as I teach, I knit along. So I'm finishing up my first and then I'll work on the second and knit until I get to the thumb. That way I can demonstrate how to knit it. Making these gloves in Madelintosh in the Vanilla Bean colorway. I love the little surprises of purple that pop up.

Making good progress on my Clayoquot sweater. Arms are joined.

 Been doing some stash diving and dreaming and I think these two beauties are going to be a new shawl for spring. Maybe this one or

And a few shots of this chilly February.

Check me out on Woolful Episode 12!! I'm the Man on the Street person this week.

When it's really really cold and windy, the icicles slant.

I'm reading The Invention of Wings right now and also picked up this knitting book at the library.
It has a few cute patterns and I love the writing.

Have a great week!!!!


  1. Hi Leanne, the farm looks great, I will be sharing my pictures in a few days!! I had so much fun on Sunday, you will never know how much I have enjoyed my time with you. I have gone as far as I think I am suppose to go on my glove, I hope I did not go too far!!

    I love that yarn you are using, I need a trip to farmingdale!!

  2. congrats on the podcast, you're famous! lovely knits you have lined up each one just as pretty as the last.