Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Drama Mama

We have a beautiful girl here on the farm named Spicy. She's a gorgeous rose gray female. Beautiful? YES! Good mom? NO. Spicy is not a fan being a mom. She's full of drama, doesn't let babies nurse, delivers at wrong times of day/night and is a pain in the you know what.

So, round 3....and she's pulling the same moves.

Spicy delivered a girl on Sunday.
Her name is Cocobolo. Calling her Coco for short.

She's a cutie pie but the nursing is not happening. We're keeping her healthy and hydrated and milking mom (which is an event) and we just need her to nurse from mom.
Why nurse from the mean mom that kicks you when the nice humans have that super easy bottle? Ugh! We are trying every trick and obviously have not given up hope. Just nerves are shot and everyone has sore muscles from making the nursing/feeding/milking happen.

We'll keep you updated but as for now, here are some pics.

Doing everything possible to avoid a bottle baby. Think good thoughts!!!!

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