Friday, October 30, 2015

In a blink of an eye

My oldest son is 13, almost 14. He's an 8th grader which also means he's a smelly, moody, awkward kid! But honestly, he's a good kid. A really good one. I got lucky with this one.

I feel like he's grown up over night and is suddenly not my little boy anymore. Where does the time go? It's flying by. I guess you may be wondering why I am posting this today...
Well, high school is in the very near future and we are extremely lucky to have good schools as well as career academies in our county to pick from. When I was going into high school, you just went to your town school. That was it. Of course there were catholic schools, but for me, it was public school. And it was a great school. It still is. Now the county has started up these incredible career academies and last night, we visited the one that our son is most interested in.
I was blown away. It's amazing. He was also impressed and wants to apply.
They only accept the top student from each district. He should have a good shot at this.
This kid of mine is a smart one. I can't do math to save my life, but not this kid!
Whether he gets in or not, and if he does get in and decides to go or not to go, I'm just excited for him. He's in a time of life where everything is available to him. 

And he looked SO GROWN UP last night at the information session.
My little boy is getting the blink of an eye.

The picture above was taken 5 years ago. He's about 2 feet taller now!

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  1. he looks completely different now, he is so grown up and so much taller. good luck dalton (it's dalton, right??) whatever is meant to be will happen!!!!