Tuesday, April 5, 2016


It's been a while since I've been on here. Work has been very busy and exciting lately. I feel very settled in to my new job and have hit a nice rhythm with work. Getting used to being away from home all day still is hard, but I'm getting more and more comfortable. I feel like the weekends are precious now and every minute with my husband and kids counts more. I guess it's a nice thing. No moments are wasted.

Anyway....just thought I would share some random pictures from my phone from the past week or so. No particular order...just the daily ins and outs of life.

This last picture was taken by Tracey Cunningham Photography. She is the talented woman that took photos on our farm last fall. She asked me to knit some little bonnets for photo props and this little bear bonnet is one of them. What a cutie! Look at all that hair!!!

Knitting: Blue Cowl (Honey Cowl)
Green Shawl (Reyna Shawl)
Yellow sweater (Heathered)

My mom, dad and sister Liz went to the North American Alpaca Show this past weekend and I am so happy to report that lots of ribbons were won!!!! I'll do a new post with all the details for you all.

Have a great week.

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  1. your honey cowl is beautiful, just beautiful!! love the hats/props, i knew they would be super special!!!

    and i LOVE the fact that chase helps with everything, that kid has an amazing work ethic. i don't love his haircut, i miss those blonde curls!!!!