Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Knitting and Finished Objects

Hello!!!!!!!!! Happy 2017!

Wow, it's been a while since I've been on here. We had a wonderful holiday season. Busy times on the farm, with family, catching up with friends and of course lots of knitting.

Thought I would share some finished knitting objects as well as what I'm working on now.

For Christmas, I knitted this cowl designed by Buckaloo View. The pattern name is Neapolitan Cowl but I'm calling it the Blue Ribbon Cowl for Mom. I knitted this with farm yarn from her alpacas. It's a gray blend and all of the alpacas have won blue ribbons for their fleece. I was really happy with the way it knitted up. The yarn was so soft and it showed the detail so well. I loved it and my mom seemed to love it too.

Raverly notes: Blue Ribbon Cowl

This is the Conversationalist Hat. A free pattern by Plucky Knitter.
I knitted this with O-Wool Classic Worsted in the Alumroot and Mustard Seed color ways.
I bought this yarn at Rhinebeck this year. It's a fun quick hat!

Ravelry Page: Conversationalist

THIS HAT!!!!!! It's the Prim hat designed by Andrea Mowry. This is a great hat and I knitted it with Farm Yarn made from the fleece of Ox and Stone. I can't say enough how amazing this yarn is. It's soft, squishy, round, deep in color. It's amazing. I have worn this hat almost every day since it came off my needles. I would love a big fuzzy pompom for the top. Maybe in a camel color...need to get looking for that! Thank you to my sister Andee for taking a few pictures of me wearing it.

Ravelry page: Prim

For Christmas I asked my mom for a blanket quantity of yarn from the farm.
Lucky me :) I am knitting the Tree Ring pi shawl/blanket by Brooklyn Tweed.
Eric at Sticks and Twine is running a Pi Shawl KAL so I decided to join in the fun.
It's knitting up quickly. I'm farther along than this picture shows.

I also finished knitting my Georgetown Sweater.  I dyed the yarn with the help of my sister, Liz. 
The yarn is Cascade Yarns Alpaca Lana D'Oro. It started off tan and I dyed it this pumpkin color.
My buddy Joan wanted to knit a sweater together so we picked this one. I knitted the seamed version.
And here's what I've learned. I need to take a class about setting in sleeves. I'm fine with mattress stitch for side seams, but the shoulders seem a bit tricky for me. I kept saying that I need a "ME"! I just need someone to sit next to me and guide me once. I need a better photo of it on me, but for now, here's a quick pic of the sweater and the yarn.

Ravelry Page: Georgetown with Joan

Another hat, this one I just made up a pattern and knitted it up during playoff football this past Sunday. Go Steelers! Bummer Giants are done....I have both fans in may house.
It's knitted with Tosh Chunky (Whiskers color way) and spots of blue are stash yarn from Tess yarn that I got years ago at the Maryland Sheep & Wool Festival. 

So that's what I've been up to....

And let's just quickly talk about my new obsession podcast!!!!!! The Grocery Girls. I love them.
I can't get enough. I've been watching past episodes and I enjoy every single one.
I would love to hang out with them, AmyBeth (The Fat Squirrel) and Susan B Anderson for days.
Love it. Watch them. Now. You'll enjoy!!!

Happy Knitting and Happy 2017!

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  1. What a lovely bundle of FO's! Well done you! I'll have to check out Grocery Girls, I watch podcast when I can, love Susan B.Anderson! I like Amanda or Mando Bug on Youtube too!

    1. I'll have to look them up on YouTube. Always looking for good podcasts!

  2. beautiful knits leanne but i am quite distracted by your purple coat!! i love all the different hats and the cowl you made for your mom. after reading this, now my post seems really boring!!

  3. You have so many amazing FOs! Congrats, your Christmas recipients were lucky! Stay nice and warm in your new sweater! -Sierra

  4. I've just recently discovered knitting podcasts myself.. have you seen a homespun house? Addicted.