Wednesday, January 18, 2017


If you know me as a knitter, you know I'm not a fan of knitting socks. It's the whole making two of things I think. I don't mind knitting the sock, it's that I want to start something else when I'm done with the first. So yes, I have a few single socks in my drawer.

Well, I was listening to the Grocery Girls and they mentioned knitting some dk weight socks. Yes! Quicker and much more doable for me. I found the Rye Sock pattern by Tin Can Knits and casted on.

I got this pretty Tosh DK yarn in the Opaline color way from  my local yarn shop, A Stitch In Time in Farmingdale. It was a pretty color and I was ready for my first dk socks.

I knitted these up in a weekend and they're squishy and comfy. A bit big, but perfect for wearing around the house. I'm hooked and plan on making some more.

Ravelry Notes Here

For anyone that doesn't know this, I designed the Yarn Along logo for Ginny. I love seeing it on all your blogs and I just noticed that it matches my socks quite nicely this week.


  1. these would make nice "slipper socks" for christmas gifts for next year!!! "i knitted these up in a weekend" - REALLY - with 3 kids and a full time job, you amaze me!!

    i LOVE the color!!!

    1. If I didn't knit, I would lose my mind!!!!!

  2. I really like those socks! I think the purl stitches on the top are really pretty. I've never seen that before. I'm making a pair on size 0 needles, and I'm almost to the toes.