Thursday, June 1, 2017

On my needles

Hello knitting friends. How are you? I miss my knitting buddies and I am really missing the Wednesday Yarn Along. Even though I didn't get to browse the other links as much since going back to work full time, I still looked forward to it and seeing what you all were up to. It also gave me a time to take a moment and post what I was working on too. I do post on instagram A LOT...I know...I overshare. But I love seeing everyone's knitting pictures, so maybe they'll like mine too.

Anyway...I thought I would just say a quick hello and show you what I'm working on these days.

I am knitting away on my Super Soul Cardigan. My plan is to wear this to Rhinebeck. I'm knitting it in O-Wool Wash worsted. It's a light silver gray (Silver Maple), Wineberry and Feldspar. I'm now into the first chart of the body. It's an easy knit so far.

And I'm working on a pair of Hermiones every day socks. I've never made a pair of these and now I'm sure I'll be making many more. i love the pattern. Just enough to keep me interested and not hard at all. I'm knitting them with yarn from Backyard Fiberworks. It's their sock base, merino, nylon, cashmere in the Urchin color way. They are so soft!

I have not been reading at all. It's been baseball and tv lately. I'm binge watching Nurse Jackie. It's soooooo good!!!!!! I watch a few a night. I am in season 5 now and I need to slow it down so it lasts longer. Only 2 seasons to go. Don't want it to end. What would life be like without Zoey?! or Thor? Or Coop? Or Jackie???!!!!

Ok...back to work. Hope you're all doing well. What are you knitting?


  1. I love the yarn that you are using for your socks. Your sweater is so pretty. the pale grey yarn is perfect with that wine color.

  2. I miss Yarn Along too...
    I really like your sock and the sweater is going to be pretty.
    I'm knitting on a pair of Florisse socks and a Loppa cardigan at the moment.

  3. Love the color of the sock yarn you are using. I've been working up sock designs, I just published my first one! I've also been missing the yarn along Wednesday's it gave me a post day at least ones a week as a goal. -Sierra

  4. Oooh! Your sock yarn is fantastic!

  5. i miss yarn along too, once in a while i post whats on my needles too but i'm so boring knitting my washcloths. your sweater for rhinebeck is so pretty, i'm not sure you can beat last years, that was so gorgeous. i really like the yarn you are using for the socks, that is knitting up beautifully!!

    i'm not going to have a sweater, is that shameful???

    what inning is it??? hehehehehe