Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Yarn Along

Yes, I know, the yarn along isn't really a thing anymore, but it's Wednesday...and to me it will always be Yarn Along Day! So here's some fiber goodness to share.

I am making good progress on my sweater that I intend to wear to Rhinebeck. It's the Super-Soul Cardigan by Mary Jane Mucklestone. I am making some modifications to mine. No pockets and knitting it stockinette instead of the pattern.

Ravelry info: Super-Soul

And check out that vintage fiber newspapers! So cool. A member of the fiber guild that my mom and sister Liz belong to was giving them away. I am really enjoying looking through them. This one was printed the year I was born.

Speaking of the fiber guild, my mom and sister joined this group a year ago (or longer?) not sure. They meet in Ocean Township. Everyone in the group has an interest in fiber and every time they meet, they discuss and create together. This week it was at my mom's house and the topic was spinning. I'm not a spinner, but I thought it would be nice to stop over and see what this was all about. I'm so glad I did! The women in the group were wonderful. Some people were missing that evening so I didn't get to meet everyone. Fiber people all together in one's a wonderful place to be.

One of the girls was hand combing this cormo fleece. It was so squishy and pretty! I'm a cormo lover.

The photos are dark, but you get the idea of how the evening went. Wish I could have stayed longer!

Happy Wednesday and I hope you're all having a good week.
What are you creating or reading?

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  1. yes, it is yarn along :) I colors on your project are stunning! beautiful :)