Friday, February 9, 2018

Weekend Shenanigans

Last weekend I spent some time with knitting friends. We went to my friend, Paige's shop, Frame & Fiber in Point Pleasant, NJ.  I had a great time at her open knitting, meeting some new friends and seeing some familiar faces. Paige's shop is wonderful. She has a beautifully curated shop with frames, fabric, yarn, pottery, prints and of course her personality makes the shop even more wonderful.

We picked out the custom frame for my Carnegie Hall performance photo. It's taken my long enough!!! I will treasure it forever.

I did some cooking over the weekend too. I've been roasting a whole chicken every weekend lately. We eat some for dinner and then it ends up being chicken salad or part of another meal for the next few days. Super simple recipe. Fill the chicken cavity with half a lemon, head of garlic, poultry herbs, another lemon half to keep it all in there. Sprinkle top with salt, pepper and some herbs or seasoning of choice. I like to put it in a pan with carrots, onions and sometimes potatoes. Cook for 1 1/2 hours at 425. A voila. Perfect chicken.

I made some more progress on my Kirwin sweater. I'm really enjoying this project. It's easy knitting but challenging reading the charts. You have to adjust it as you go. It's an intermediate to advance project.

And we also had a really fun time playing Shut the Box. We played this years ago but my sister gave it to my husband for Christmas and we are all having fun playing! It's a simple game but lots of fun.

Hope you have a good weekend! Enjoy the OLYMPICS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. My kids love Shut the Box and that is the same way I bake chicken. So good.

  2. i love the view out your kitchen window!!!

    the chicken looks so yummy!! i have gotten so lazy and always use costco chickens now. they are so cheap - but there is nothing better than a roasted chicken at home on a sunday, and the way it makes the house smell. plus gravy, i love making gravy with the pan drippings!!!

    i have never heard of shut the box...our new favorite is banannagram!!

  3. beautiful work and what attention to detail! I admire and congratulate:)