Thursday, August 21, 2014

Creating for Fall & A Seminar

Summertime brings warm days and furious knitting. I know that knitting usually dies down for some knitters in the summer because people don't typically enjoy piles of wool in their laps. However, summer is the time that I knit like mad to have things to sell in the farm store.
Knitting is my pleasure and started as a hobby. But over the years, it has become a source of income and it's nice combo if you ask me. I truly love to knit, teach knitting, surround myself with yarn, squish yarn, learn, explore and immerse myself in the whole knit world.

Yes, it's a lot of work and not nearly enough money per time that I invest. But I'm doing something I love and the customers at the farm seem to love the finished products. 
I've been making a bunch of hats, some cowls and I also fit in a sweater for Chase.
A handsome little classic sweater that will fit him all winter (I hope). 

I sprinkled in a few other photos....some stash diving and organizing, baby Grant getting big!, and Liz teaching a felted soap class. 

I am working on my fall class schedule so hoping that will be posted soon.

On another note, the farm is sponsoring a very informative and important seminar.
Alpaca owners: check it out! Registration has to be done by September 1st!

Knitting links:
Off White Hat: Donnie Hat
Chase's Sweater: Wyatt
Fair Isle (personal pattern)

 I have a few more knits I just completed but forgot to take a picture. I'll have to do that and post another day.

For now, hope you are enjoying the last days of summer!


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  1. the sweater for chase is AMAZING, i really love it. where did you get the buttons??? and the black hat, does the green yarn go on top of the finished hat to make the pattern??? i love the way that looks!!

    the tan hat is awesome as well but i suspect there is a bit of counting involved!!! i have 5 hats done ;)