Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Phone Photos

 Hi All. Oops. I haven't blogged in a while. So here I am..back with some photos off my phone.
I haven't been carrying my camera around much so some quick sometimes blurry shots are all I have to share today. Here goes....

I have been busy knitting, hanging with the kids, beach, and so on.

 I knitted my first real sock. Ummmm.....so......yes I liked making it, but not so sure if it's worth all the time. And I'm not a fan of making two of something. So, not sure if I'm a sock knitter. But they're cute (I mean it's cute) and I will make another one but not sure if I will continue knitting socks.
 Chase likes them.
 New coffee craze around this town. Rook coffee. YUM. And this pic was for our friend Val who REALLY loves Rook heehee. Oh...and how gross is that yellow sand? Ugh. Our poor beaches are in horrible shape this year.

Lots of knitting classes this summer. I enjoy teaching people how to knit soooo much. It's such a joy to see people learning my favorite craft.

Beer, babies and knitting rock.

Teaching cable classes.

A new little toddler fair isle off my needles. Coop knitting has officially begun!

My new moisturizer had this quote inside the tin :) Love it.
Barmaids Lo-Lo bar in Coco-Mango.

Fishing in the pond.

Some berry picking

More wild berry picking. I know, Chase's outfit is rocking. Stripes anyone?

See that gray blob in the middle of the bush? That's Garrett picking wild raspberries.
Reminds me of Lizzie when she was little. We would "lose" her and could usually find her squatted in the raspberry bushes picking berries.

Baked up some blackberry pinwheel cobbler. Delicious and my professor from college commented on my lovely "C" that I created! She taught me years ago and she was the best. So that comment made me laugh. She said it looked very Helvetica Black. 

Summer goodness.

 Baby Grant is soooooo cute.

My dad took some pictures of me fishing. I rarely exist in photos.

Chase has found that he likes my ear buds while he watches netflix on his kindle. However, they fall out all the time. So to fix this problem, he wears a hat and it keeps them in his ear! Good thing it's been a cool August!

Hope you are having a great week!

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  1. Your socks look great, I really like the blue yarn! I really enjoy knitting socks and am okay until I've done about 1 1/2 and then I want the second one to be done. The blackberry pinwheel cobbler looks DELICIOUS! I'm not normally in many photos either - a bit camera shy and I'm usually the one taking them :)