Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Yarn Along at the Inlet

I headed down to the Manasquan Inlet last night with two of my boys. There is a tropical storm brewing out in the ocean which brings out the surfers. Lots of great waves, people watching and surf. I got in some more knitting on my Golden Child shawl while Chase and Garrett played on the rocks.

This knit is very easy but the rows are getting longer and garter stitch in sock yarn is well, ya know...slow. 

I'm still reading The Lake House by Kate Morton. I'm almost done and although it was a bit wordy and long, it's worth the read. I really like it. You have to pay attention though! Clues pop in out of the blue while you read.

Joining in with Ginny for the Yarn Along. What are you reading and knitting?


  1. I'm knitting around and around right now trying to finish my first knit shirt. Not a good project when you're sleepy because it's so boring. LOL. Hoping you stay safe from the incoming weather.

  2. i love the inlet ALMOST as much as i love knitting!!! where are chase's curls???

    1. I miss the curls too!!!!!! But the short hair is just so easy! If he didn't give himself that haircut in May, he would still have them.

  3. I just started the book and so far so good! lovely photos and your little ones are getting less little...