Monday, April 10, 2017

Chelsea Yarns in Red Bank!

I am a big supporter of Local Yarn Stores. When I first started knitting we didn't have many options in the area but luckily knitting is so super cool (it is) and people in the area appreciate local yarn stores so a few have opened up in my area. The local shop owners are also great supporters of our farm and our store so it's always nice to spread the love.

Chelsea Yarns is one of our local yarn stores, run by the awesome Christina. For the past few years she has had a shop in Colts Neck, NJ as well as an online shop. She was ready for a new space and so Red Bank was going to be her new home. Throughout the past two months I have been doing the graphic work for her and it's been a blast to work for Christina. She has a fun style and she makes it easy to come up with designs. I rebranded her logo as well as her Luxe sock yarn labels.  Made some moving cards, a new store sign and a banner she hung in the shop. But anyway...more about the new shop!!!

As soon as the NJ Wool Walk finished she packed up and moved to Red Bank. In the matter of hours, she was in the door of her new shop and setting up. 5 days later she was open for business. I still can't get over how quickly she and her team did the move! I stopped by on opening day and it looked awesome.

I also picked up a few goodies. Two skeins of her LUXE sock yarn Merino, Nylon base.
The names of the yarn are Backyard Chicken!!!!! and Baby Chicks! Had to have them.
I also got a fun project bag with the logo.

The light colored yarn is Baby Chicks and I'm knitting socks with the Kirby Wirby Afterthought Heel. I've never done this heel but listening to Jodie talk about it on the Grocery Girls podcast made me want to try it. I've made two pairs of socks with the Susan B Anderson Smooth Operator Socks but I don't love how the heel fits me. I love knitting it, but the heel is a little too wide for me.
Not sure if the Kirby Wirby one will be better but I'm going to try it.

Check out Christina at Chelsea Yarns if you're in the Red Bank area! 

Wishing the crew of Chelsea Yarns lots of success in their new location!

Speaking of local stores, I'll plug the other ones in our area too:

Frame & Fiber and the wonderful Paige!!!  Paige runs this beautiful shop located in Point Pleasant, NJ. She combined a framing business, yarn and fabric all into one. It's a great shop and she's one of my favorite people! Funny, I also did her logo :) Love my fiber people!

The other local LYS is A Stitch in Time in Farmingdale, NJ. Great yarn, super sweet owner and she also has a lot of embroidery thread now. Always a great stop! there's my LYS plug for the week. It's always nice to support the local peeps.
Happy knitting!

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  1. beautiful, i want to go!!! i have not been to frame and fiber but i really want to go. and it is the closest to home!!

    and i like the "red" dog bowl - "red" bank is big on that!!!