Friday, April 14, 2017

Knitting Yarn Wish List

It's almost that glorious time in Spring! The Maryland Sheep & Wool Festival!

Yippee!!!!!!!!! One of my most favorite weekends of the year.
Spent with my sisters and this year my MOM!!!! Yay Mom! One sister can't make it this year so we'll have a good time for her.
Yarn, wine, good food, fantastic hotel room, sheep, alpacas, green grass, gyros on a hill...yup.
It's all good.

I try to have a few projects in mind when I go to a fiber festival.
It helps me pick out enough of the yarn and I have some direction as I walk around.
Of course I always pick up a few things that I fall in love with and beg to come home with me.
The yarn that I buy will be knitted into a project that will always remind me of the weekend.
It's my souvenir knitting. I'm usually a project based yarn buyer, but I would like to get some stash yarn this year. 

So I've started looking on ravelry for some ideas. Thought I would share them here.

Loving the peach color version. 

This would be nice knitted with Miss Babs Yowza

I still can't believe I met Andrea Mowry and had no clue who she was! 
Clueless me talked to her about her baby and the awesome Moby wrap she was carrying the baby in and how I had the same one, same color, blah blah blah. Hah! Now she has the most popular shawl in the knitting universe. I haven't made her Find Your Fade because it seems too big for me. But this one, the Ara Shawl is more my size.

I like the colors on the band and sleeves. Thought this might be a fun sweater to knit up.
I can look for buttons at the festival too. There's a great little booth down by the back field. She always has great botton collections and packages them up so pretty.

These seem appropriate for my love of "my" apple tree.
Saw Tracey on the Grocery Girls podcast making these and I thought they were cute.
Might look for some sock yarn for these.

Something about this sweater makes me happy. It looks so big and comfy and reminds me a little bit of our old couches from when I was a kid. This would be a cute Rhinebeck sweater with leggings and boots. Hmmm....might have to think about this one.

I also like the colors in this version. looks like I have a good list so far. Of course I'll keep looking online for ideas.
Can't wait!!!!!

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  1. i like the gray sweater in the third picture - that's a sweater i would wear!!