Thursday, April 13, 2017

If at first you don't succeed....

If at first you don't succeed, try, try again.
It's what our teachers and parents tell us. As kids we follow this rule. But as adults, maybe not so much. Well, I'm going to tell myself over and over again today to try, try again.

As most of the readers of this blog know, I'm a graphic designer by profession. 
I've been a designer since I graduated college in 2000. You also know how much I love yarn, knitting and fiber festivals. And of course my favorite festival is Rhinebeck (New York Sheep & Wool Festival) I have entered the design contest three times and I was the runner-up for 2016. As excited as I was to be runner-up, the 1st place prize was my goal. The winner does receive a decent monetary prize for 1st place. But what I really want to have MY work be the face of the festival. To have it on the website, souvenirs, program would just be a dream come true. 

Once again I entered my artwork. I was in the top 10 again. The work was on display at the 2016 festival. People voted, the committee decided....

and last night I received an email that they were so pleased to announce that my artwork had been selected as runner-up. Runner-up. AGAIN. I was so disappointed. I thought I had this year.
I'm so close....and just can't get it. Normally I shake this off and move right on. I'm not one to dwell on things. I can usually shrug my shoulders, feel bad for about a minute and take a deep breath and move on. Get over it. Not to ever feel sorry for myself. 

So I went to bed. I figured I would feel better in the morning. Wrong. I woke up bummed out. Not motivated to go to work today and design. My husband was so sweet. Told me I'm his winner. Hah. He also said, try again next year. And I will. I'll try, try again.

This was my entry this year.
Next year....I'll try again.


  1. Of course you will try again. I really like the design that you entered, but you never know what speaks to other people. It could be a color or a shape or who knows what. I have submitted several of my cross-stitch designs to magazines for publication or for contests. I haven't even been a runner-up, but you never know. I just post some of them on my blog for others to enjoy.

  2. Your designs are very, very good. I'm always as surprised as you. Keep trying though!

  3. I LOVE your entry!!!!

  4. This entry was wonderful! I can't believe anything was better!

  5. WoW!!! i can't believe they did not select this, it's just perfectly lovely. you'll get it next year and we will be saying "the third times a charm"!!!

    don't you ever give up - think about me and the outlander cowl - i never gave up!!!

  6. I saw your art work, it's beautiful and creative!
    I saw the one they chose, it ok, here's what they want. Something groovy. It's near Woodstock, I've been up there. I'm in CT. I'm telling you the truth, think "hippy" and you'll knock their socks off.