Monday, August 7, 2017

Basket Making with The Shore Fiber Arts Guild

Over the weekend, Shore Fiber Arts Guild met at our farm for basketweaving.
My mom and sister Liz are members so I joined the table with my knitting and my camera.
The Shore Fiber Arts Guild is a Monmouth County based organization for people interested in sharing their love and knowledge of fiber arts.
They are knitters, spinners, and weavers with a wide range of experience and expertise. They not only enjoy knitting, spinning, and weaving but also dyeing, felting, basketry, beading, crochet, and just about anything related to the fiber arts.
The membership fee is only very minimal (I think it's $15 a year) plus material fees.
For this workshop the material fees were only $3. How awesome is that?! One of the members guided the group and shared her knowledge on how to make the baskets.

For more information about the group or to join, visit their website:

Here are the photos I took from the day....

It's a great group of women and I thoroughly enjoyed myself.
After the baskets were done, I pitched in and used the woodturning tool to sign a few baskets.

Thanks to the ladies for letting me sit in and document the day.


  1. Great photos! I'm so glad you joined us for the day. 😊

  2. Oooooh I would have loved this!!! I need to get better!!

  3. I tried making a basket...once! Didn't turn out so well, but I love these.

  4. Great photos! I'm so glad you joined us for the day. ��