Saturday, August 12, 2017

Random pictures from my phone....

Lot of knitting, chicken antics, sunsets, hand calligraphy and such going on lately.
My cousin is getting married and I am knitting the halo blanket for her. I'm also hand lettering all of her wedding envelopes. She has a very long guest list so it's been a big project! I finished them this week!!! Woohoo! Now to finish the blanket....ALMOST!


  1. all of that as you work hard too!! you are a kind soul!!

    i missed that sunset!!

  2. Wow! That is amazing of you to hand letter the invites! That takes a big weight off their shoulders. -Sierra

  3. Met your mom and dad a few moths back - new to alpacas - have 13 in Robbinsville - had them sheared and having trouble trying to figure out how to sell the fleece. Wondered if you could help. A lot of the info out there is so dated not sure what I should be doing- any help would be appreciated Thx Sandy love the sunset!

  4. It's been hot here in Cali, I would love to have a summer thunderstorm! -Sierra