Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Yarn Along everywhere with my shawl!

My Halo shawl is with me at all times. It's the perfect on the go project and it's been so enjoyable to knit. There is something soothing about a pi shawl combined with Jared Flood's designs that make me happy. It's easy to follow, never more than a few lace repeats to memorize and it just goes and goes...round and round. 

I'm knitting this one in O-Wool fingering super wash. Now, let's talk about super wash wool. Some people are super against it and I get that...but this is going to be a gift for someone that doesn't knit and might not be as aware of care of a 100% wool or alpaca blanket might need. OR if you're someone like ME that ACCIDENTALLY put their Leaves of Grass shawl knitted with 100% baby alpaca IN THE WASHER AND DRYER and it came out as a small crumpled up sad wonky shaped blob of wool....then yeah, Superwash is sometimes a good idea.

Yes that happened to me. It was years ago and I'm still trying to recover.

Anyway....back on track. So yes, I'm knitting this with fingering O-Wool wash in the Oyster Mushroom color way and I love it so far. I'm on the lace edging right now and on track to finish it in time to gift.

In other knitting news, I have taught my son's girlfriend how to knit and she's obsessed! YAY FOR ME!!!!!!!! Maybe not yay for my son. LOL. He said he feels like he's with his mom when she's knitting. hah. But I'm thrilled that she likes it. She's made 2 hats already and I took for a trip up to Chelsea Yarns in Red Bank for their sidewalk sale. We had a good time. Doesn't my son look thrilled in the store photo?! I designed the big banner for their Shawlapalooza knit along. Love doing the graphic design for Christina. Such a fun shop and she's awesome to work with.

We had a really nice little snack lunch at a Crepe store. (Purple Debbie if you're reading this you would like it there). I had a coffee, Chase had ice cream, Dalton had an apple pie crepe and Maire had a cheesecake crepe. They also have breakfast and lunch crepes. Yummy! And very cute inside. The cafe was a hit with all of us. We had a really nice time in Red Bank for the afternoon.

I've been bumming about not getting to the beach much this summer. I start to twitch if I don't get good beach time in!!!! So last night we all went up the beach and had pizza and then some beach play time. I'll take what I can get these days. It was a picture perfect weather night and I of course got a few rows knitted.

Hope you're all having a good summer and knitting up a storm!

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