Monday, November 6, 2017

Arrow Acres Farm Yarn is HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!

Guys, it's here!!!!!!!!! OUR 2017 YARN IS HERE! 

2017 yarn is available now in the farm store or by mail. 
7 natural shades from our herd are available.
All 200 yard skeins. We have dk, worsted and bulky available.
Every skein includes names and photos of the alpacas that made the yarn.

DK 200 yards $26 • Kigo, Ox, LE, Ziggy

DK 200 yards $26 • Lily, Elsa, Treasure

DK 200 yards $26 • Farm Blend

DK 200 yards $26 • Swag, Vauneese, Gemma, Allegra, Spacie

DK 200 yards $26 • Coco & Osiana

Worsted 200 yards $26 • Smoke Ring, Shooshi, Mr. Bates and Boo

Bulky 200 yards $28 • Stone and Ono

Get it now while we still have it! It always flies out the door!!!
We are OPEN every Friday, Saturday & Sunday through Christmas.
Directions can be found on our website:

And as always, if you are in town on a day that we are not open, please contact us and we can open up for you. Odds are that someone is at the farm and would be happy to show you around.

Contact Liz for any mail orders at

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  1. oooooh it is just beautiful...i can't wait to see and feel it!! LOVE the image of the alpacas!!!