Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Yarn Along - My Farmhouse Shawl

Do you ever have those projects that sit in your favorites on Ravelry and you always want to make it but for some reason keep skipping over? Well, the Farmhouse shawl was one of those projects for me. I always liked the simple lines, big generous triangle shape and the fringe. I put it on my list of projects for Rhinebeck shopping and found some yarn at the Harrisville Design booth that I thought would be perfect. It's the Highland worsted in the oatmeal color.

It knitted up crazy fast on size 8US needles and an entire rainy day and Stranger Things 2 binge watching didn't hurt the knitting time!!! I made this in a weekend.

Love it and I want to make another one! 

Ravelry link: Farmhouse

Happy knitting!


  1. one weekend, really??????

    it's so beautiful leanne, what a pretty pattern!!

  2. lovely yarn and such a simply state shawl :)