Monday, November 20, 2017

I Made a Dress!

You guys! I made a dress!!

After Rhinebeck I got the sewing bug after seeing so many Fen dresses around.
Love the different variations made with fabric choices, dresses, short sleeves, long sleeves, tops, etc.

Here's an example of all the variations you can make: (taken from Fancy Tiger Crafts website)

I used to sew a lot but everything was a straight line....bags, blankets, quilts. Occasionally I would sew a halloween costume for my kids, but nothing for myself.

So I downloaded the Fen pattern from Fancy Tiger Crafts, took a trip to JoAnn Fabric, bought myself some houndstooth wool flannel and spent a few hours on Saturday night cutting and sewing.
I had my music going, some wine poured and I was a happy little crafter!

I purchased the pdf version and printed and tiled it. Tricky to do. But Chase was a good helper and looked for the right lines to cut. 

I got to use my new pin holder from Brooklyn Haberdashery that I bought in Rhinebeck.

A few hours of cutting and sewing and I had a dress!

Chase took these pics with my cell phone this I still look sleepy!
Can't wait to make some more in different fabrics. I see lots of Fens in my future.


  1. That is a great dress. I really like that fabric.

  2. it came out great leanne and you look so beautiful modeling it!!

    and....."i just love your boho vibe"!! hehehehe

    and ya' gotta love that chase!!

  3. oh and i love your pin holder, i have one just like it!!!