Thursday, June 7, 2018

New Knitting and Planting

Hello blogging friends :) With all the instagram posts and podcasting, I've neglected my poor little blog. I still try to read everyone's posts when I can but posting myself has been far and few between.

The Yarn Along is always a favorite of mine so I thought I would join in the fun this month.

I am knitting Time Trades by Caitlin Hunter. It's a beautiful and easy to knit shawl. I went stash diving for this beauty! A mix of some of my favorite yarn dyers and makers. It's been traveling to the baseball games these days and it's a perfect game watching knit.

I'm still reading The Thorn Birds. It's a long one but I'm really enjoying it when I do have a chance to read.

We have had SO MUCH RAIN this spring so my garden and flowers got planted much later than usual. Finally got a few in the ground last weekend. It is isn't pretty but it's planted! The chicken coop got a little splash of color with new flowers too.

Happy Knitting!
Joining with Ginny at Small Things for the monthly Yarn Along.


1 comment:

  1. your knitting, as always, gorgeous...the colors are beautiful!!

    my garden needs CPR, the flowers, the vegetables, hanging on my a thread. and this year i started with all new miracle grow soil in the pots. i thought everything would really take off!!!

    i think the chickens are loving those flowers!!!