Friday, June 1, 2018

Turning 40, Fishing & Knitting

Every year around the time of my birthday, "my" apple tree blooms.
Over the years the tree has lost many limbs and is much smaller than it once was. It was a a place for my sisters and I to swing and play from, climb and hide. It was the backdrop for some favorite family photos. The top photo of my tree was taken many, many years ago. My guess is around 1982. That's my Uncle Mayo sitting on the ground watching me and Andee swing. He wasn't my uncle by blood, but he felt like family, even like a grandfather. 

So every year, on my birthday my tree blooms and it makes me smile.
This year, I turned 40. A weird birthday to have. Had a rough month of some sad losses but it also makes me appreciate everything and everyone around me and the fact that I get to celebrate another year. 

I've been a bad blogger lately, so this is a mishmash of photos from the month.....

My friends and sisters threw me a fun party for my bday. Loved all the special touches!!

The weather has been so weird this May. Spring has been nonexistent. We go from cold and rainy to HOT. But the fishing has been good in our pond. I love taking the boys down to fish and it's even more fun when all the little boys are there. On shearing day, I took the kids down later in the day after work so everyone could finish up the shearing and eat dinner. We caught fish with every cast!

The chickens have been busy laying their eggs. Nothing like a fresh farm egg to start your day.
I also started a new knitting project. Been in a knitting funk lately. This new project has been perfect baseball knitting and I'm making a lot of progress on it.

Welcome to June! I hope the weather improves and life can slow down a bit!!!!


  1. i know it has been a tough month, but it's just like you to see the glass half full and appreciate all the things!!

    your new knitting is gorgeous!!!

    this is the absolutely best place in the world to grow up. lucky - lucky boys!!!

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