Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Our Rhinebeck Make-a-Long

Hi friends. Liz and I are hosting a make-a-long in anticipation for Rhinebeck 2018!'s only 4 months away!!!!!!!!!! WOOHOO!!!!! It's one of my favorite weekends of the year. Gathering together with knitters, fiber loving friends and family in the beautiful Hudson Valley during fall is the BEST.

Our podcast is gaining more viewers (thank you!) and we thought what better way to reward the fans than with a make-a-long and giveaway. So here's the deal....if you want to join in the fun, pick something to make and tag us on instagram or with #arrowacresrhinebeckkal on instagram. I also opened up a thread on Ravelry that you can post your projects and talk about what you're making. I'll link it below.You can knit, crochet, weave, sew....what ever your favorite craft is works for us!

If you are not attending Rhinebeck, that's ok! You can still join us. It's all about community and sharing to inspire each other.

We will close the Make-a-Long on October 12 (week before Rhinebeck). If you are attending we will buy 2 Rhinebeck tickets and gift you with a project bag from Robins Roost full of goodies. We would love to hand deliver it to you on the hill for the podcast meet up!

I am making the Lovable sweater by Sylvia McFadden using Green Mountain Spinnery Weekend Wool in the chestnut color. It's flying on my needles. It's a big chunky lace sweater that I am making oversize and shorter than the pattern. It will be similar to the version that Kate made from Green Mountain. We talked about making this when I was at Maryland Sheep & Wool. We'll be twins in different colors. I'm not sure what I'll do for the neckline. It called for a rib but Kate did a big cowl. I think I want something in the middle. Maybe more like the neckline from my Kirwin sweater. We'll see....

So join in the fun!!!! And you can always watch us on the podcast to see what else we are up to.
Find us as Cocktail Hour at the Coop on YouTube.

Links: Ravelry Group Thread

Leanne's Rhinebeck sweater

Cocktail Hour at the Coop podcast


  1. i can't wait for rhinebeck...i have yarn but i need a sweater!!

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