Friday, July 6, 2018

Crushes and Inspiration

Hi friends. Hope everyone is well and enjoying the summer. It's been sooo hot here in New Jersey! We had a huge rain storm this morning so hopefully we will cool off a bit. 

I haven't done an inspirational post in a while so I thought I would take some time today and do one for you! Hope this inspires you to create, enjoy, cook, relax, decorate...a spark to get the creative juices flowing.

I am crushing on this shawl. The colors, the construction, love it all.

I've been thinking about this shawl since I saw it in person at Vogue Live NYC on Kate in the Green Mountain Spinnery booth. It's the Love & Darkness shawl. I am really enjoying knitting the Sylvia McFadden sweater, Lovable and this is a similar looking lace. I'm thinking it could be my second Rhinebeck knit.

And then there's this shawl....SO PRETTY! Boho Style Mosaic Shawl
Knitted in worsted wool, this would be so cozy on a cold night. It also reminds me of couches we had as a kid. They were in the basement and so uncomfortable but I loved them!

Some cute little hats would be fun to knit up for the farm store holiday shopping.
I like these.

I'm liking these pretty embroidered pillowcases. Would be fun to make my own.

These look yummy and healthy and an easy weeknight meal.

Seashell with Sharpies: Purple Debbie, this made me think of you.

On that same note...cute painted rocks. Easy and free craft. These would make cute little paperweights or decorations.

Embroidered Map artwork as part of your trip memories! Cute idea.

Hope some of these inspired you to create something :)

Have a great weekend!

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  1. oooooh, i see my name here and i feel like a rock star!!! i LOVE the shells but even more than that, i adore the map - i may do that!!

    i have been wanting to paint shells and rocks and leave them on the beach for people to find!!

    the alpaca is adorable!!!