Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Yarn Along: August

Hi knitting friends. Joining in with Ginny at Small Things Blog for the monthly yarn along. A place to share what people are reading and knitting, it's always a highlight of mine to read everyone's posts. I remember when I was home and my boys were little and I didn't get out as much as I can now, I would be so excited for Wednesdays and Ginny's weekly yarn along. I could spend hours clicking on everyone's posts and fall into the time trap of blog reading. Just as my life has gotten busier and less time spent at home, Ginny has also become busier with her growing family so it's now a monthly post. She hosts the yarn along the first Wednesday of the month. I think with the video blogs and podcasting, more people are heading to YouTube instead of written blogs, which is great because Liz and I have our own podcast, Cocktail Hour at the Coop!! But for me, I still love to have a few moments to sit and read what people have to say.

So on that note, here's what I'm reading and working on these days! We just got home from a nice, relaxing vacation and this sweater is the one that traveled along with me where ever we went. We were in Saratoga, NY then Lake George. The sweater is the Ramona Light Cardigan by Elizabeth Smith. I'm knitting it with Quince & Co yarn in the Marsh colorway. It was the perfect no brainer pattern for vacation although I have to admit a simple stockinette sweater isn't the most interesting to work on....
Once it is done I am planning on embroidering the sweater with some apple blossoms and a barn swallow. I was inspired by this sweater.

While we were away I finished the book, Tangerine. I recommend it for a fast read, a bit of suspense. 

And here are a few pictures from vacation. It was wonderful to be all together for a week. No distractions, no work, just fun.

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  1. the vacation pictures are great...i am excited to see the sweater, with the embroidery on it!!!