Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Yarn Along: Where's Wilbur Hat

Hi fiber friends! I'm working away on my Ramona Light cardigan and the embroidery. The sweater is complete and I have started one side of embroidery. It's my first time doing it so there's been some learning curves. I talk about it on the podcast this week if you are interested in learning more of the details. For now I have a few photos I can share of the progress. You'll see the "shiny" looking plastic stuff around the stitches. That is a water-soluable stabilizer that will be gone when everything is complete. I'll just soak it in water and it will go least it's supposed to!!

My theme is based on "my apple tree" that blooms every year on my birthday. I've talked about it here. I have embroidered three apple blossoms on the one side to represent my three kids. A barn swallow on the back, using the brown yarn from the alpacas. Barn swallows come back to the farm every year it always marks the beginning of summer, vegetable gardens and warmer days.

I'm still working on the barn swallow. It needs more detail and then I'll start the work on the other side. My plan is to make some buttons from one of the apple tree branches. We'll see how that goes!!! But overall I am LOVING doing this kind of work. I want to work on it all day long but you know...that whole work and real life stuff gets in the way!!! I am using an embroidery hoop to stabilize the sweater and I was afraid it would stretch the fabric out too much but it's not.

The green yarn of the sweater is Quince chickadee in the marsh color.

I have a new project to talk about too. I bought a skein of yarn from Wing & A Prayer Farm last year in Rhinebeck. It was in the Battenkill Fibers booth. I had to buy it when I saw it because it's partly made of fiber from WILBUR the alpaca! If you follow Tammy and her instagram stories (you really should if you don't already) then you know Wilbur walks all around the farm and she'll often tag #whereswilbur. I've had the yarn almost a year and I wanted to make sure I used it for something special.

When my sister, Andee released this hat pattern (Odie Hat) and my son and I modeled it for her I knew I had to knit it. It's sooooo soft and comfortable to wear. The double brim is so nice and I have just enough yarn so I'm starting it today.

Here's a picture of my son and I wearing her sample hats.

Happy Yarn Along Day. Hope you're enjoying what you are working on.
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  1. oh leanne, the sweater is gorgeous and so meaningful...i'm glad you explained how you came up with the design of what you are embroidering on it. i can't wait to see it all finished. that's a beautiful picture of you and dalton, you both have such beautiful smiles!!!