Tuesday, December 5, 2023

In the December Groove

My Eaves Cardigan is coming along nicely. It was a slow start but now that I can work in the round on one long circular, I am cruising right along. I have had a lot of commissioned knitting to do this holiday. Too much. Next year I can't say yes to everyone that asks! I knitted too much and hurt my hand and wrist. Had to take a few days off. It's too much!!! I love to have happy customers but I definitely over extended myself this year. Anyway...it is what it is. Lesson learned!

I'm reading this book and really enjoying it. 
I have to admit I gave up on our book club choice. I just couldn't get into it!!!!!!

And a few pics of my cute animals just because :)

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  1. the animals are looking great and i love seeing your christmas tree in the background of the pictures. such a pretty sweater, i really like the colors!!