Sunday, July 10, 2011

All Together Now

The gates have been opened...pens have been combined and the herd is getting along just fine!

(The girls and the babies)

Over the past week, the boys were introduced to each other. Our "little" boys are growing up and they were now allowed to play with the big guys. So Kal and Awan were moved into the pen with the other boys. So far, they are all playing very nicely together. They have shown who's boss and the herd order has been determined.
(Kal, Awan and Kigo)

(Melody, Bing and Spicy)

The girls were also put together. Star and her baby, Wea have been with Melody and her baby, Bing now for a few months. This morning, the gate was opened up and the pastures were combined. Wdamo, Spicy and Geneva are now hanging out with the other ladies. It was an easy transition (at least that's what we are seeing). So, that's the news on the pastures these days. Exciting stuff huh? I know...hard to contain your excitement. But honestly, it is exciting. It's nice to know that everyone is getting along. After all, alpacas are herd animals and they feel safe and happy in numbers.

(The new canaries)

In other farm news, we have some new friends. 12 feathered friends to be exact. So now we have 12 alpacas and 12 baby canaries. The aviary that sits near the pool has been empty for years. My dad used to have finches and a pair of canaries. But after a devastating loss, it has been empty. It's nice to see some new friends in there.

The gardens are looking good. Well, my parent's garden looks good. The only crop that is doing well for me are the zucchinis. Other than that, it's a whole bunch of weeds, bugs and a buffet for the deer, rabbits, squirrels and groundhogs. Seriously...why do I bother?

(By golly, there IS a cucumber plant in those weeds!)

The pumpkins look good so far. The plants came up perfectly but I do see a herd of 7 deer out there every evening feasting on something. Better not be the blossoms. Grrrr.

I am still pregnant. Every day seems like the longest day. I have had days of regular contractions, all the signs that labor is near and then it stalls. Leaving me tired and cranky. I know that pregnancy is a wonderful time and IT IS. BUT the end is not. I'm ready to meet this little boy and hold him in my arms. My sister, Andee, was kind enough to fit in a quick photo shoot of my pregnant self and my boys. She did an amazing job. And she managed to fit this in between packing for her vacation and a week of afternoon thunderstorms. Pictures were taken on the farm and I love them. I'm so glad we got the shots.

(38 weeks pregnant)

(Garrett and his little brother-to-be)

I hope you had a great weekend. Enjoy your week!


  1. I'm sure you don't feel very beautiful, but you do look very beautiful! The last weeks of pregnancy are well designed to make us eager to meet the new arrival, whatever it takes, I think. Sort of like having older teenagers. They make it easier to let them go.

    It is interesting to hear about how the herd sorts things out when new arrivals are born, too. Thanks for that.