Thursday, July 21, 2011

Awan the Teddy Bear and his new owner

Some of you may have seen the post about the teddy bear that Andee made for my baby boy.
If not, here's the link to that posting:

My new little boy, Chase, was the lucky recipient of this fabulous teddy bear. So much care, time and love was put into it and now I'm so excited to show off my little boy with his buddy,
Awan the Teddy Bear.

Thank you again Andee. It's my favorite gift.

Happy Knitting!


  1. They make a very handsome couple!

  2. I cut my finger with a knife the other night and I can't knit. I am hoping for a speedy recovery. I have a lot to knit before the Farms Days Sept 24 & 25th!!!

    I think today is a good fleece washing day. I think it will dry in minutes with this heat.

  3. What a great friend to have and cuddle with. The baby is just beautiful...congratulations.xx