Saturday, July 23, 2011

Staying Cool at the Jersey Shore

It's a heat wave!!!'s July and apparently the country is under some crazy heat dome. Thankfully we have some handy dandy air conditioner units that have made our house pleasant for the new baby. But outside, the alpacas don't have the pleasure of air conditioners. Their barns are equipped with giant fans that they can lay in front of to help themselves stay cool. But still, it's hot. My mom has been hosing them down daily this week. But this heat has proven to be a challenge.

(Looking like a suri!)

The babies were sheared for the first time this morning and they look so cute! They don't look as alien-like as the adults do when they are sheared. This haircut will give them a nice break in the heat and also provide us with some super soft fuzzy fleece. I'm hoping to get some yarn from that baby fleece. Maybe a little hat for Chase?

(Wea sporting her new haircut and playing in the sprinkler!)

So, in order to keep these animals alive and happy, the fields have turned into a bit of a splash zone water park. The fields have sprinklers going. The girls and babies have a fun one that spins around. It makes me laugh to see them playing in it. I think they should get one of those crazy octopus arms sprinkler for kids. Wouldn't that be funny? I think so.

Stay cool wherever you are!
And it's still fun to run around in a sprinkler...even if you're an adult.


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