Thursday, April 19, 2012

awe shucks

I am someone that needs two good strong cups of coffee in the morning before I can function. During said coffee time, I surf my favorite blogs. I check out their crafty ideas, what books they are reading, what they are knitting, read their funny stories and get some inspiration for my day.

A year ago, I set up this little blog to go along with our new farm website. I didn't know if anyone would read what I had to say, or enjoy the pictures that I took, but I knew that I enjoyed doing it and maybe someone else would too.

Well, guess what?

Someone likes my blog. And I like her's too.

So in an "awe shucks" moment, I thank Ann in the UP for nominating me for the Liebster Blog Award.

In order to fulfill the requirements of being a Liebster, I have to redirect you to some of my favorite people who also don't have more than 200 followers, but are people whose writings and happenings I enjoy every time they have a chance to post some news.
1. Post the award to my blog. 
2.  Link back to the blogger who gave me the award.
3.  Give the award to five (5) blogs with fewer than 200 followers.(Honestly, I can't figure out how many followers some people if you have more than 200. oh well. I like ya)
4.  Leave a comment for each blogger letting them know you have offered them the award.
Each of these Liebster nominees are people that I enjoy checking out their daily happenings.

1. The girls at Like Mother, Like Daughter. A family of all girls, each one with their own stories, quilting, crafting, cooking, family, and my favorite....their Thursday Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real posts.

2. Lori times five. Fabulous everything. Photos are gorgeous, knitting is inspiring, her love for her family, beautiful west coast surf shots and more.

3. Posie Gets Cozy. The quilting, the knitting, the tables, the recipes, the house. It all makes me happy.

4. Avery at Boston Translation. This blog is written by my sister, Liz's,  sister in law. They moved up to Boston a year ago so it's a fun way to keep up to date with what they're up to. And the way she writes about food with have you drooling!!!

5. And it would be crazy if I didn't nominate my sister, Andee. Match the Pictures
She is a knitting wiz, takes amazing photos and although I live less than 5 miles from her, it's the easiest way to see what my little nephews are up to.

So, that's my 5. I could nominate many more, but these are my tops :)

Thank you again, Ann. You made my day.



  1. Thanks for nominating me I'm so excited!!! And honored!

  2. oh congratulations! leanne, seeing the photo of you and your children is so beautiful, i forgot what i was going to say. you are so sweet though and i appreciate your kind words, SO much.
    i'm so happy to know you and your sister (love andee).
    thank you. xxx

  3. Thanks so much for linking to me on your lovely blog! I look forward to seeing you at {phfr}! xoxo

  4. It's cool to see the ripples spreading and I can't wait to check out your award winners. Thanks for accepting and passing on the fun.