Monday, April 16, 2012

Spring Has Sprung

 No, we do not have a new baby alpaca at the farm. These were taken last spring when our first little girl, Wea, was born. You can read all about her big debut here.

The reason that I'm posting these is because "Baby Waiting Time" is approaching. That means that my mom will not be leaving the house for anything unless it's an emergency (not really, but it feels that way!)  This past weekend, Liz, Dee and Audrey from our neighboring farm took a trip up to Martha's Vineyard to attend an alpaca birthing clinic. Liz and my mom took this class last year and it really came in handy when the neighbor's cria needed help last summer and my mom was able to jump in and get that baby out safely. 

Some people ask why they would need this class. Don't you just call the vet? Well, the thing with alpacas is that your vet may be hours away. They tend to travel far and wide to treat their patients. Our vet, (who is awesome by the way) is also the vet for many exotic animals across the state. Therefor, if he is in a shark tank giving a shark an ultrasound (yes, this happened) when you need him, you better have the knowledge to birth that alpaca baby if need be.

So now that they have more experience, I'm sure the crias will be in very good hands when they decide to make their debut this spring.

Really, is there anything sweeter? 

Have a great day


  1. I'm so glad Mom and Liz are good at that stuff. I'll stick to takin pictures.

  2. It's good to have folks on hand with the know-how to get this delivery business accomplished without any losses. The crias are so cute! Happy birthing season!