Monday, April 30, 2012

Wea's New Friends and a TV Camera

 Wea has some new girlfriends!
My parents now have half ownership of Lilly. They bought her at the Harrisburg Show this past weekend. She will hang out here for a while until she goes for a breeding in RI.

The other two little girls are Hoopla and Bennie. They are here to hang out for a little while. They are owned by Emelise Farm. I love Bennie. She's so cute!!! She's the little white one. Hoopla is super cool too. Looks like a little Spicy!

 Now for the TV cameras....
Cablevision wanted to do a show on the alpaca farms in Wall.
Today was our big day. They stopped by, put a mic on my mom and started filming!

 The alpacas were happy to smile for the camera. Star was so very curious about what was going on.

 The herd came over and checked out the action.
 My favorite girl, Geneva, looking pretty.

The show will be on next week and will run a few times a day for two weeks.

If there is a clip of it, we will post it on the website.

And in other news,
I can't seem to publish this post without acknowledging a sad event that happened here over the weekend. One of our first time moms delivered a premature stillborn baby. The shock of it all was so awful. We know that all farms encounter this sooner than later. But as my mom said, we wished it was later rather than sooner. The baby was beautiful. Looked just like her mommy. We are saddened by this event but we take comfort in knowing that it was nature's way of taking care of things. We always try to look at the good side of situations and take some good out of the bad. The good news is that the mom is doing well physically. The baby will be donated to the vet that runs the birthing clinics. This will allow people to learn first hand what to do when a birthing mom needs assistance. We wish so much that this baby was running around and playing in our field. But for now, we can just hope and pray that our babies-to-be are safe and will join us in due time.


  1. The new girls are so pretty. I am so jealous I missed the cameras today. And yes it is so sad about the cria. Maybe Mommom needed just one for herself up in heaven.

  2. I am sorry you lost your cria, too, but it's good you can be philosophical about these losses. Hopefully they are few and far between. It is cute that the alpacas are so curious about the TV cameras. That makes filming simpler. Hope we can get a peek at how the show turned out.

  3. so exciting, congratulations on the new girls and the show. i like what you said leanne about the baby that didn't make it. nature is beautiful and brutal. sending hugs.

  4. I'm sorry to hear about the baby. I like what Andee said about your Grandma needing one of her own up in heaven.