Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Wednesday Yarn Along and Some Random things

Wow. This week flew. Not much knitting going on. I wish it was!!! I wish that a magical fairy would appear at my house and do the cleaning, cooking, errand running, kid shuttling, baby watching for me. But that darn fairy doesn't show up. Oh well.....

So here goes for this week:

For knitting and reading,

I just started Catching Fire. I devoured The Hunger Games. Crazy, strange, oddly captivating. I heard that this book is the same way and even better.

I started knitting my Clapotis again. I bought the yarn last May, and i had grand plans for this. But it's been in a bag for months. Ok...almost a year. So I got it back out and hopefully I can get it done. It's a beautiful blend of colors and the end result will be a perfect spring/early summer wrap.

And because I don't have ANYTHING else to do with my time...
I have been bitten by my old friend the quilting bug. Yup...had to do it. I do miss my first love.
 I started cutting some blocks. It will be a child size quilt. I thought it would be perfect for picnics with the boys. Wish me luck :)


 I work from home as a freelance graphic designer. I have had the pleasure of two wonderful clients in the past few weeks. I always enjoy my work, but it's extra enjoyable when you come across great people that get excited about things. This is also a reason that my poor knitting has been neglected. Oh well...have to pay the bills right?

And these pictures are for Nan and GPop...
Somehow Mr. Garrett avoids my camera lense. I'll have to get some of him this week. He's growing like a weed!!!

 Spring baseball has brought us some new freckles.
 Mr. Curious and his new rocking chair...and YES, he has curly hair.
 Into everything!

How sweet are chubby baby hands? 

Coop is open TODAY, Wed. April 4th from 10-4. Come on by!

We are joining in once again with Ginny and her yarn along :) Love her easter eggs this week!

-Happy Knitting,


  1. Fun stuff! I have been sewing curtain's I'm so proud of myself. I'm not anywhere close to quilting. The fabric looks so nice!

  2. Love those books...Katniss is an awesome girl, knowing how to fend for herself in the wilderness! I am not into knitting that much and have to finish a vest I started last month... I also just started a little quilting! ♥ I can't wait to see what you make.