Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Wednesday Yarn Along

Happy Wednesday all you knitters out there.

I am giddy with excitement because I officially booked our rooms for the Maryland Sheep & Wool Festival. That's right. This knitting crew is going on the road. Can't wait! The gyros for lunch are worth the ride. I have so much yarn here that needs to be knitted into something, so I will have to behave myself when I go. But I'm sure I'll bring home something fabulous that I just HAVE to have. And it won't be an alpaca. Maybe a sheep? Ha. Only kidding...but it would fit in the minivan right? I'm sure I'll bring home a sheep's worth of yarn though.

Ok...onto knitting. Seriously, this baby crawling has really put a major damper on my knitting. I think I tried to knit a hundred times this week and maybe got 6 rows done on his baptism outfit. I am being realistic and bought a back up outfit.

I would show you a picture of it, but it pretty much looks identical to the last picture.

So, instead of that I'll show you a sweater that finally fits the baby. I knitted this sweater during my pregnancy. It's made with Mission Falls Cotton.

My apologies for the poor picture quality. It was dark in the house. To make up for it, I've thrown in the pretty spring pictures that I took last weekend on our day trip to Washington Crossing Park.

And a day late...
Happy Anniversary to my mom and dad!
I think it's 35 years. Right? Or 36. One of those. Either way, it's a long time!
Happy Anniversary you two. :)


Coop is Open today, Wednesday March 28th from 10-4
We have some beautiful spring colored scarves that are perfect for this time of year. Light weight alpaca. Or pick up an alpaca stuffed animal for that last minute Easter basket gift!
Hope to see you!!!

Happy Knitting,


  1. love the sweater - I am in awe!


  2. crawling babies and knitting, don't really go hand in hand very easily do they! Lovely sweater.

  3. Do you think some cashmere goats and merino sheep will fit in your car too?

  4. what an adorable little one is cruising too and it does make it difficult to get a lot of knitting done! Oh and I love the sweater....soo sweet!!

  5. What a great sweater and cute baby!! I would love to have some Alpaca's one day!! That is my favorite yarn! :)

  6. What fun to be looking forward to a yarn trip! Have fun and enjoy your gyro, and pat as much yarn as you can.

    I haven't seen much yarn here in Texas, but I did buy a yard of very cute froggy fabric for a baby quilt which I may have to make some day. You never know! Somebody I know may have a baby some day.

  7. oh exciting! have a wonderful time! oooh such an adorable baby and that sweater! amazing. i want one in my size, i love it.
    very pretty flowery photos.