Saturday, March 10, 2012

First time in a yarn store

Today, I traveled to my sister-in-law's house to celebrate the birthdays of my son, Garrett and my nephew, Steffen. On the way, I remembered seeing a yarn store last time I was there. My memory served me right. There was one. So I swung in the parking lot (grumbling from my sons in the back...) checked the hours and continued on to the house. 

After the excitement at the house died down, I looked at my niece, Jamie, and said, let's go to the yarn store. We snuck out of the house and headed down the hill to the store. She's 11, my only niece and she's also adorable and fun and sweet. She is a girly girl. Loves anything that sparkles or anything with Nick Jonas's picture on it. I wish she lived close by. Anyway, my point is that her side of the family is not crafty and artsy like my crazy side. So she's not around people like me very often. This was her first trip to a yarn store. She oohed and ahhed at all the colors. Loved how soft everything was and seemed so happy. She wants to learn (yeh!). She also found some awesome sock yarn that has a tie-dyed effect when knitted. If I was a sock knitter, I would have made some for her. 

So in the end, she helped me pick out a nice skein of Ella Rae cotton that will be a spring hat for Chase. I remember my first trip to a yarn store and I'll never forget it. I wonder if she'll be a knitter too.

Look at this fabulous sheep that was outside the store!!!! It was wearing a hot pink crocheted sweater. And that's my cute niece. It was fun to have a girl around....
Hope you have a great weekend!

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  1. Oh, how fun was that! My granddaughter isn't interested in knitting, but she loves yarn. Ooo---all the colors! I still feel the same way. The potential in all that color and texture!