Monday, March 26, 2012

Yarn Can Bring Us Together

This past Sunday was one of those crazy days where my boys were invited to birthday parties all over town all day long. So on my first drop off, I run in and am surprised and happy to see a friend. So I pop on over to chat for a few minutes. (shocker, I know) I tell her that I have to get going because someone is coming to the farm to buy yarn.

"Yarn? You sell yarn?"....said by a very nice woman sitting next to my friend.

We went on to have a very nice conversation. Getting excited about yarn, where we shop, what we're knitting, projects, colors, laughing about our kids and how they grumble as we pull into yarn shop parking lots. It's a funny thing how yarn can bring two strangers together so quickly.

I think that's true of all crafts. It's fun to see someone else get so excited about something you love too. Isn't it?

Happy Knitting :)


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