Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Wednesday Yarn Along & Farm is OPEN

Happy Wednesday all! Joining in again with the yarn along.

The weather feels like winter. But they say it won't last. You won't hear me complaining. It's been chilly so it's nice to finally wear some of our handknits around town. But I do enjoy the warmer days. Thursday is supposed to get up to 70! Crazy!! Woohoo!

Speaking of the mild weather, I'm a bit nervous about the baptism outfit I've been knitting for Chase.
We are having him baptised at the end of April. It could be chilly, or it could be hot. Let's hope for a chill in the air that day. Or else, he might sweat to death in a one piece knitted outfit.

I originally started knitting this in a wool from a local shop. But I wasn't happy with it. It seemed itchy. And that just seems like torture to a baby. I really wanted to knit it in alpaca, but I was afraid it would be too loose. So I ordered up some off white Quince & Co. Lark yarn and casted on....again.
I'm much happier and I also did a smaller rib on the edge of the leg.


I'm reading The Snow Child. So far, it's very sad. I hope it perks up a bit. But I'm only on page 25. 

I finished The Hunger Games. Ummmmm....feeling very very strange about it because I enjoyed it so much, couldn't put it down, neglected everything around me to read it and when it was over, felt awful that I enjoyed a book so much that was about kids killing kids. It's sort of like the feeling you get when you drive past a car crash. You want to look away, and yet you also want to look. And this book is the best selling book in the country. Yikes!

Felt Balls: A How To

My oldest son, Dalton, is in 4th grade. He was assigned a How-To-Speech on a subject matter of his choice. The speech was to be performed in front of his teacher and class. Could not be less than a minute or more than three. Where some kids chose how to make a turkey sub, make a paper airplane, and make a sundae, my guy picked....
How-to Make Felt Balls. heehee. This did cause some giggles from my boys.

Their Aunt Lizzie makes these so she gave them a little lesson and ta-dah...felt balls.

He said he did well and that the class liked it. His teacher asked him for some roving so she can try it herself. If you haven't made some felt balls, it's fun. You should try it. And I dare you not to giggle.

We will be out in the coop today from 10-4 so swing on by!!!

-Happy Knitting!!!!


  1. O, I LOVE your header picture! It's so so so fun. What a sweet thing to make a baptismal outfit. My husband's family had 2 different baptismal gowns that went back over a 100 years in the family that our kids wore. I would have loved to make them something, but it was a privilege to use those too. I'd love to try Quince & Co. yarn sometime. It looks so lovely in pictures.

  2. lovely work!
    what a great topic for a how-to speech


  3. I haven't had any urge to felt stuff, but the felt balls looks so cute. they are giggle producing, aren't they??

  4. ♥ Those felt balls are adorable! Yeah, Hunger Games is one of those sickening and sad books, but has you on the edge of your seat hoping that the protagonist makes it....go Katniss!!! Now, don't you want to read "Catching Fire"? And they made it into a movie, to be released later this month!!!