Thursday, March 22, 2012

It must be nice to be your own blanket

I hate to be cold. I would much rather be sweating from 90degree heat than be cold. I am famous for grabbing a sweater before leaving home in the middle of summer. So it's not a shock that I love a good blanket.

Last night my little guy was restless and didn't want to sleep. So the two of us headed to the couch. The only blanket in arms length was a knitted one that has been hanging around for years. It's made with cheap acrylic blend. Comfy, yes.... But I wasn't having it.

I found the alpaca blanket. Wrapped it around myself and the baby and it was heaven. Yes, heaven may seem like an exaggeration, but it was wonderful. Let me tell you that. This blanket keeps you warm on the coldest nights but also keeps you just warm enough on the mild nights. You are never too hot, never too cold.... Just right.

So I got to thinking, it must be wonderful to be an alpaca. Just warm enough with your own blanket on you all the time. No wonder they are such happy animals. I would be too if I were them.

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  1. Since I began spinning, I have become a total yarn snob. Natural fibers for me, except for the lazybones I have to knit for who will not handwash anything. But bundling up with your baby in an alpaca afghan or blanket does sound like Heaven. I'm putting in a request for accommodations on "the other side."