Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Wednesday Yarn Along

Wow. It's gorgeous today. This weather makes me so happy. Makes me want to clean. Yikes. If you know me, that's the LAST darn thing I ever want to do! But there is something about the clean fresh air, windows open and bright sunshine that motivates me to get my act together and straighten up. 

I'm joining in with Ginny again at Small Things with the weekly yarn along.

I have been busy reading a lot lately. Magazines, books, what ever I can get my hands on.

I have also made more progress on Chase's baptism outfit. It's been slow going because of multiple birthday celebrations over the weekend. Oh, and my sweet baby boy has mastered crawling. Oh dear. I forgot how quickly a little moving baby can  get themselves into trouble. Not good for my knitting habit! But, anyway, still knitting my way through it. 

Continuing reading The Snow Child. It's definitely different! I'm intrigued by it. So, the reading continues.

But the most exciting news around this place is....

See that headline? 

Yup...that's us on the cover!!!!

I had mentioned a few months ago that a wonderful writer spent a few hours with us and was going to be writing an article about our farm. It just came out and I'm thrilled to share with you all. I sent her some photos that I had taken over the past year and a half and they used them for the article. We are in the beginning of the magazine and guess who we came before?

See that group of guys over there on the bottom right? Uh...yeah....that's Jon BonJovi. It's an article about his new restaurant. We're before a rock star. Pretty cool huh?

The article was amazing and we are so thankful for all the continued interest in our farm. 

And now I'll throw in a few pictures for my grandparents. This is the only way they can see pictures online of what's going on around here....

Happy Knitting!!!! Enjoy this weather.


  1. How exciting for you! And before the rock star no less. Yippee for alpacas! I take that as a sign that the world's point of view is a good way.
    Thanks for sharing.

    1. natalie, I agree!!! It's so refreshing to see people enjoying the simple things in life and getting back to basics.

  2. Amazing news and in my mind, farmers do come before rock stars hee hee. So excited for you. Wish I could read the article. From one farming momma to another, congratulations!! I had some pretty good news on my blog today too ; )

  3. Very exciting stuff. Go Chase Go!

  4. That is HUGELY exciting :) Of course you were not the first to break the news ;) However, I think Alpacas and alpaca farms are more important than rock stars. Even Jon Bon Jovi (just don't tell my sister ;))
    Your baptism outfit looks lovely so far!

  5. How exciting! I do love your alpacas. My little one has just started to crawl so I know what you mean about the knitting! Knit three stitches, get up to see what he is doing!!

  6. My little fellow has just started with crawling too!! I am jumping up and down off the couch every few minutes!!

  7. what a fantastic post leanne! your super exciting magazine news! congratulations!! i was enjoying your sunny photos, your sweet knitting and book mag recommendations (must look for snow child and taproot). but the photos of your beautiful boys take the cake. oh my goodness those smiles. :) :) :)
    xxx lori