Saturday, March 24, 2012

A great day with an old friend, some scouts and fire

You know those days that you can sit back at the end of it and think, wow, that was a great day?

 Today was that kind of day. 

We packed up the car, grabbed some coffee, bagels and lunch for later, left the farm, picked up an old friend and her son, that I don't get to see enough!!!! and headed out for a day with scouting friends.

 Learned about George Washington crossing the Delaware, hiked in his footsteps...
 Checked which direction we were headed...
 Wore uniforms with pride...
 Laughed and enjoyed the woods, trails, logs, bridges...

 Took in some history lessons...
 Hung out with some amazing boys and a great cub master
 My oldest boy
 Signs of spring
 Fire making lesson. Who knew it was so easy???!!!!
 My boys
 A fire making competition. Felt like we were on an episode of Survivor!
 My dear old friend, Rita, and baby Chase taking a walk in the woods. 
This baby is amazing. A joy the whole day.
 Teamwork at it's finest

What a great day. I'm exhausted. But in the good way. It was nice to be off the farm for the day, enjoying the good times with little boys. We all left with smiles, aching feet, dirty knees and lessons learned. I hope you had a good Saturday where ever you were today....


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