Tuesday, March 20, 2012

No Pictures, Just a little story

I always feel pressure about these little blog postings. Not pressure..ok..wrong word. I guess what I'm saying, is that I feel like I need pictures to go along with every posting. Well, I don't really have any pictures to post tonight. But I do have a story. So here goes...

This morning was foggy. Warm, foggy, first day of spring. It smelled different. The car ride to the bus stop felt different. I turned the butt warmer off in my minivan (by the way...best invention EVER) The forsethias (ok..tried spelling this a hundred times and it's wrong I know) were in bloom, the daffodils were popping up all over the place and I knew that spring was really here.

On my way home from putting the older boys on the bus, I saw the prettiest scene that I've seen in a long time. All the mama/girl alpacas (and Bing) were grazing in the big field next to my house. They are almost always out there this time of the morning. But today was different. It was foggy, it was beautiful and they looked so happy. I noticed how different they all looked. Geneva lifted her head first and walked to the fence. Wea was side by side with her mom, Star, enjoying the fresh spring grass. Bing is so big now. Growing so fast, just like my little baby Chase. By the time I got back in my house, grabbed my camera and walked out to say good morning to the herd, the fog had lifted, they had headed back to the other field and the moment was gone.

But I enjoyed it. Even if it was just for a few minutes.

I hope you had a wonderful first day of spring :)


  1. Your words gave us a very accurate picture of your alpacas in the morning mist. Lovely!

  2. Oh, what a perfect first day of spring! It's my favorite season and today was the epitome of it.

  3. I love this story. Well done. Sometimes I really do like reading words better than looking at pictures so thanks for sharing!