Sunday, May 27, 2012

Scavenger Hunt Sunday

Joining in with Ramblings and Photos Scavenger Hunt Sunday.

Andee participates in this every week and she's always raving about how fun it is to look for things to photograph all week long. So it's high time that I joined in on the fun. (I really need to get a life)

So here goes for my first ever scavenger hunt....

Beneath Your Feet
Baby Chase almost gets tripped over a hundred times a day. He also insists on crawling as fast as he can to me and pulling up to stand while holding onto my legs.

Capturing Movement
 Never ever ever stops moving.


Face Your Fears
I hate numbers. Math doesn't make sense to me. It will always be my fear....that and a small plane hitting my house while I'm inside of it. THAT is truly my biggest fear, but obviously I can't photograph that. 

Dalton (my oldest son) was in his room changing out of his baseball uniform this morning and noticed that Star's tail was up. He ran down and reported this information to me. He knew it was a sign that her baby may be coming soon. So we headed out to check on her. No baby yet, but it will be here soon! So currently, there is a lot of alpaca baby watching going on here!

Have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend!



  1. Yeah I'm so glad you are joining in SHS it is a lot of fun. You put a wonderful set together!

  2. nice set.... I loved using a similar calculator in high school. If I had alpacas I'd do a lot of watching also.

  3. Great set - I love the perspective you have on beneath your feet.