Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Wednesday Yarn Along

Happy Wednesday!

I started my Color Affection shawl
Couldn't resist casting on as soon as I got home from the Maryland Sheep & Wool Festival. 
I bought the yarn from Miss Babs. It's squishy and wonderful. It's her monochrome "Yummy" sock yarn. And yes, it is yummy.
The picture is really dark, so I'll include a picture of the yarn that I took outside which is much truer to what it looks like in person.

The yellow is my favorite. The nice woman in the booth went all the way out to the van to get it for me. I had seen it in a three skein combo, but not on it's own. I went down there with the perfect yellow yarn in my head. I'm so happy to have found it. I started with the yellow, then added the grey/purple and the third part will include all three colors and ending with the dark purple. It's going quickly so far, but I know that as I increase two stitches every row, the rows will begin to get very long.
Last night my oldest boy had a baseball game and Chase fell asleep in the car, so I was able to park the car at the field and knit for over an hour uninterrupted. Heaven!

I am almost done with Sing You Home by Jodi Picoult.
Wow. This book gives you so many things to think about. Jodi Picoult has a wonderful way of taking very controversial topics and creating a novel around it. This one does not disappoint. I am looking forward to finding out what happens in the end.

And see those other two books? I'm very excited to read them both. 
They are birthday presents from my husband. 
The Art of Fielding was recommended by a friend. It follows a baseball story, so it's funny that I'm actually going to read about baseball when I spend 5 days of the week at the baseball fields.  
The Uninvited Guests just came out and sounds like a fun read.

For the people that read this blog and have kids, I wanted to include the new book that Dalton is reading. He is sooooooo excited about this. The local bookstore in town asked for some middle readers to pick out a pre-released book and review it. Well, my son was beyond happy to be chosen to do this for the August newsletter. My oldest boy is so much like me it's scary. He picked out this book,
The Land of Stories, The Wishing Well by Chris Colfer.
There was a handwritten note in the book from the author. He thought this was so cool. 
Ends up the author is the actor on Glee that plays Kurt Hummel. The note that Chris wrote says that writing a novel was a promise he made to himself when he was ten years old. 
Dalton is ten right now. He now has decided that he wants to be a book reviewer and get PAID to read! Love it. That's my boy.

And just a few pictures of my other boys...
G's first catch in the pond this year. Nice!

My never sit still, curious, constant movement 9 1/2 month old baby boy.

Today is my birthday. There are 34 candles on my cake.
I am enjoying my coffee right now, going to have lunch with a dear friend and thanks to MomMom in the weather department up there, I think we get to cancel the outdoor fishing boy scout meeting at my house and I'll get to go out to dinner with my favorite four men at my favorite restaurant  :)


The Coop will be closed today. We are going to start opening up on Fridays from 10-4 and soon we will be open on Saturdays. We'll put the sign out!!!!

 Joining in again with Ginny at Small Things and all the other wonderful knitters out there.

Have a wonderful day and happy knitting.



  1. Happy Birthday your shawl looks great already. Have a great dinner!

  2. Happy birthday to you!!! Sounds like your day will be grand!! Love your yarn for your shawl....just beautiful!!! Your boys are so handsome, what a blessed Mom you are!!

  3. Ooh, your yarn colors are lovely - I'm hoping to start the "Color Affection" shawl soon, but I really need to finish some WIPs first!

  4. Happy Birthday, dearie! I wish you a wonderful, happy day filled with delightful moments. I wish I had read a book about baseball years ago. I would have been better able to appreciate good plays and clever strategy.

    I'm agreeing with your son. To get paid to read and evaluate! A dream job! I'm also thinking that it would be smart to get to be a shawl wearer. I love your color combo, it's one of my favorites!

  5. Happy Birthday! And as the mother of 3 sons and a daughter I have to say some of our most memorable family times were at Little League baseball games! My 4th is a girl and is graduating from high school this year so I see myself with lots of time to knit in the near future. Love the colors you selected. Can you tell me the name of the vendor? This was my first year at the Md Sheep and Wool and oh my....I was so overwhelmed by the selection of beautiful yarns that I only came home with one skein. Next year I need to go with a game plan, a few patterns in mind and take a deep breath before entering. Love your blog and hope to visit you in the fall when I take my get away to the Jersey shore.

    1. Yes it is overwhelming the first time you visit the festival! My first year I went on Saturday, scoped out the place and went back on Sunday to buy. You need a game plan for sure when going. I got this yarn at the Miss Babs booth. She is in the main barn and it's always insanely crowded. I was patient and then went in for the kill! I'm loving the yarn so much. We would love for you to come by in the fall! Take care.

  6. I found the color affliction shawl quite addictive! I cannot wait for it to be cold so I can wear it. Something new for my fall wardrobe.

  7. Happy birthday to you Leanne! I hope you have had a lovely day!
    I really thing the yarn you picked out is beautiful, the yellow is my favorite.
    I think the job your son wants is the most perfect job and I hope he gets it!