Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Wednesday Yarn Along, Some New Friends and a Birthday

First thing first.......
Well Dad, if I'm old now, you're really getting old. 
And yes Dad, it's Wednesday. I didn't forget to post :)

I'm joining in with all the knitters out there in this week's yarn along.

Here goes:
I'm still knitting my Color Affection Shawl. I still love it. Sorry to bore you with another picture of it, but it's still on the needles. BUT the book changed. I finished The Art of Fielding. Highly recommend it. I loved it. I took a trip to the library yesterday. Mainly I took the baby there to get out of the heat of my house and enjoy their air conditioning. Upon returning home, my air had cooled the house off and I had a bag full of new books to read. Success!

I'm also getting ready to cast on a new project.
I have to be a bit quiet about this one because it's going to be a special gift for my little baby nephew-to-be. And this nephew-to-be needs a darn name. Liz and Nick don't have one yet and I think about names for them ALL DAY LONG! Seriously people. We need a name for this baby boy! It would be so much easier if we all liked common names. But no, we're all a bit weird and like different names...not too different, but different. See the problem here?! Suggestions???

Oh, and that book? Fun! Reads like a book but is a cookbook.

This is the inside of the wooden yarn bowls that my grandfather has started to make. They dropped this one of to me last night. Isn't it beautiful? It's nice to have amazing woodworkers in the family.
The yarn is being knitted into some baby hats for little twin boys that were born this month. I hope to get them done very soon and put in the mail!

Playoff baseball begins tonight for my boys. Oh my. Let the games begin!!!!!

Not sure if I can knit throughout their games if they count now. I think I have to watch more closely.
Well, kind of closely. :)


Today I am super duper excited to see and old friend and meet her babies!!!!!!!!!
Andee's best friend from childhood is in town and her two adorable little kids are with her.
So today I get to hang out with a little girl (yeh!!!!) and Chase can meet his 3 week younger friend, Potter! Can't wait. As Libby (2years old) said to her dad last week, "I'm going to see alpacas in NJ!" Yes Libby, you're going to see alpacas in NJ!

Happy Knitting!


  1. What a lovely bowl! Walnut and maple? I hope to find that cookbook at my library!

  2. LOVE the yarn bowl!

    I also knit at my boys baseball games :)

  3. Love the look of that cookbook! I love reading cookbooks -- maybe more than 'real' books ;).

  4. leanne, hi! LOVE your knitting LOVE LOVE LOVE that yarn bowl and wait a minute, did i see you were a finalist in a contest ravelry had? how FANTASTIC. congratulations and well done! i need to go read about it now.

  5. We had so much fun on our day at the farm and the other day Libby asked me, "Where's Lee?" Wish we lived closer to you guys!