Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Another Boy

Star had her baby yesterday morning!
Meet our newest boy to the farm

Arrow Acre's Minnarrow

Thank you Star for doing everything correctly. Your baby is perfect and you are a perfect mom.
Now teach your buddy Spicy how to do it!!!!

Spicy still won't let baby Reno nurse on his own. Two people have to hold Spicy up so he can eat. She needs to figure this out soon or my mom might lose her mind.

And here are some new Reno pictures.
He's sooooo cute!!!!

 Just one of the boys :)
Garrett and Reno

I had to laugh yesterday morning when Audrey came over. (She's from our neighboring alpaca farm)
She walked into the field and said, "another freaking boy!" 
Besides the boy alpacas on this farm, my parents have 5 grandsons and 1 on the way.
That's a lot of boys....especially after having all girls!

Good thing we like boys around here.

More pictures to come...I promise!

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