Thursday, June 7, 2012


Last night I was up quite a lot with the little man. Womp. I'm pooped.

But, I wanted to share a dream I had just in case it comes true....well part of it!

Had a dream that I was walking over to my parent's house and Spicy and Star had just delivered their babies in the garden. Accompanying them was a giant brown bear and two stray dogs. Odd.

I was more concerned with how the alpacas got loose from their field than the giant bear and dogs.

But really, my point here is to say that
Spicy had a beautiful rose grey (almost lavender) baby
and Star had a bright white with dark brown markings baby.

Let's see if the colors are accurate.

And watch out for bears and dogs.

Yikes. I need sleep.


  1. oh dear, good luck spicy and star, and you!

  2. I had a night of weird dreams too. I almost always have pleasant dreams, but I dreamed I was stranded someplace with a car that wouldn't run, and my cash, cards, and ID were missing. Very bereft!