Friday, June 29, 2012


It's hot here. I think it's hot everywhere. Humid, hot, sticky, take your breath away hot. The Good Morning America map looked like it was on fire. But it's summer. So, it's what you can expect in summer right? Poor Geneva is still pregnant. Poor thing. I was very pregnant this time last year too. But I wasn't wearing a full body alpaca sweater. I was looking out at the field yesterday and she was just laying down on the dirt pile. If she could talk, I'm sure she would be complaining. The baby is over due so hopefully it will be born soon. The baby alpacas were running around like crazy tonight. They are adorable. I really have to get out there with my camera. 

I took Chase and the dog for a walk tonight and we went to say hi to the critters. 
Baby Reno ran right up to us. He has quite the personality! I think he's quickly filling Sanda's spot.

My older son is done with baseball. I am so proud of him for making the all-star team, working his way up from the sub list to a starter. He worked hard, had a great time and did his best. His team lost last night, ending the tournament so it was a bummer. But now he can enjoy summer in the pool, at the beach and just being a kid. I will miss watching him play and I will also miss that good knitting time I was always able to squeeze in from warm-ups to game time! 
Football season will be here before I know it...

I don't have any pictures to share tonight.
Just felt like writing. Nothing interesting to say I guess.
We are celebrating two birthdays this weekend. Andee's husband turned 40 in May, so they have a big party planned. We are also having our close friends and family over to celebrate our baby's 1st birthday ( a little early). We will toast to our handsome, funny, crazy baby boy and end the evening with the town's firework display. It's very nice of them to set the fireworks off in our back yard! Hopefully they'll be in the perfect spot of the treeline again!!!! 

Well, guess that's it for tonight. I hope everyone stays cool this weekend, celebrates something fun and has a safe, happy 4th of July holiday!

Maybe we'll have a baby alpaca this 4th. 
I vote for George Washington.

Oh and one more thing....the OLYMPICS are starting soon!
We're big fans here. Lizzie thinks dizzy bats should be a new sport. I agree.

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  1. oh dear that poor girl, i hope she has her baby soon. she should come here, you too, our temps are near perfect (yes, they are perfect, sorry). i don't know why but we don't get the heat other coasts do. so come to santa barbara!
    happy and safe 4th leanne :)