Thursday, February 7, 2013

The New Lovely Ladies

After a cross country adventure, the two new ladies are here!

Welcome to the farm Francesca (brown) and Maggie (grey) :)

They are both very curious and sweet. Looks like they're happy to be here!

I got a kiss from both. Not bad!!!


  1. they are so sweet and soft ~ congrats on the new additions, Leanne!

  2. We are so happy they are home with you all. We know Francesca will have a great home and breeding career with you. You have a wonderful blog and website! Who is the expert knitter?

    Renaissance Ridge Alpacas

    1. Hi julie. I am dee and dons oldest daughter. My knitting is what you see on this blog. My sister andee is an amazing knitter. She has her own blog. Francesca is so sweet! Gave me kisses right away. Both girls ate right away and looked happy as soon as they got to the farm. We will enjoy her! Have a great weekend! Leanne